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Blown Aolchol water or not

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I have a All aluminum Keith Black Hemi with stage V water heads, I ve had good results so far with running water through it. Question is its now injected I would like to lose the extra weight, my obvious concern is hot spots in the exhaust seats and the potential for cracks Anyone have experence running water heads with no water. Thanks Chris
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No expert. I help my buddy on his Pro-Mod. His is blown so take that into account??
His 1st 2 engines had Olds heads made for water that he ran dry. Good luck.

Just remembered, met a guy 2-3 times that ran an injected chevy with aluminum heads dry.
It was his basic bracket engine that he put a hat on & ran dry. Seen him around for a couple of years,
but have no idea if he was hurting heads. I just remember asking about running dry & he liked it.

We ran no water on water heads last year no issues!! I have a sold block and solid heads this year bought a blown alchy motor used!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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