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Hello Everyone,

I have an update for everyone regarding Kelly Williams mother, Joan Knowles. Mrs. Knowles had been receiving treatment for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and for a while was symptom free, then the cancer returned. Mrs. Knowles is currently being treated at the Anderson Cancer Center in Houston Texas. Her treatment there includes Blood Transfusions which are not covered by insurance with a cost of $200.00 per unit and some days Mrs. Knowles get up to 3 units.

The Gift of Life BLOOD DRIVE will act as a BLOOD CREDIT toward the replacement requirement for the units of blood she has/will receive. In other words, 1 day of giving blood at the Michigan Community Blood Center located at River Place in Frankenmuth MI will help Mrs. Knowles to contiue receiving her much needed Transfusions.

The Michigan Community Blood Center located in Frankenmuth is the only center that will CREDIT the blood collected during this drive toward Mrs. Knowles continued Blood Transfusions.

Please view the attached Blood Drive Brochure for additional information, also, please contact Kelly Williams @ 586-756-5609 to set your donation appointment time.

God Bless,

Phil & Jodi Rowe

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