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Bird or Dual4.0 Toilets,HP ?

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I have 2 OPTIONS as for Injection?
Enderle Bird Injector
Rons 4.0 Dual Toilets
Dart T/Ram

496 Chevy
765 Roller
CNC Dart 355 Cylinder Heads,Jesels
Moroso Vac.Pump
MSD Trigger
Coan Glide 1.80
5800 Converter 8"
2500 LB 67 Camaro B/Half 4-Link 9"Ford.4.71 Gear
14/32 Hoosiers.

Heres my Question?
Which Set-Up will Make MORE HP?
This should be Good!
I Took Off a 1150 Alcohol Quick Fuel Carb.
Looking for 25-40 HP above what the Motor made w/the Carb?
PLEASE Let the STUFF Fly..............?
G :cool:
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Both will pick up power/performance when bolted on top of the tunnel ram compared to the single alky carb. You won't see any difference between the twin toilets or the Enderle Bird if tuned properly. They are just different ways of letting the air in.

Unless the tunnel ram is sized correctly for your application a single 2100cfm KillerRon's Terminator on a good single plane manifold would perform just a well. The tunnel ram is also probably significantly heavier than a single plane manifold so hp gains may not show up on the racetrack.
Injection is just hard on the engine with all the excess fuel going in the cylinders.
Absolutely not true. It is not acceptable to have those type of problems with injection. If a person has engine issues due to excess fuel with injection it is due to improper tuneup, improper idle mixture setting and/or improper operation.
E85 is a viable fuel option to use with mechanical fuel systems such as Ron's, Enderle, etc, etc.

It requires a different nozzle size and sometimes pump size comared to a methanol tuneup. has some successful E85 systems being used. Success being a track championship won by a customer injecting E85 with a Flying Toilet.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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