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OK guys, just looking to see if you all think there is more left in this setup with a bit bigger cam and more rpms.

Current cam was spec'd by Buddy Rawls, but was on a previous 408 setup and ground for 10.8:1 compression and 6500 or less rpms. .688/.688 262/264 110 lsa (lash around .028 and .026 recommended).

That motor had all the same top end as the current motor, but was a cast steel crank and cast I-beam rods, so I was more worried about rpms.

Current motor is 11.3:1 and 427ci. So I've picked up 20ci and .5 in compression. But the biggest gain is that this motor is now all 4340 forged and has a girdle on the mains. So I'm a little more confident at spinning it a little higher if needed.

The heads/intake/carb/exhaust:
Ported Canfield 192cc heads that flow 300/[email protected] lift
Valve springs 240 seat 600 open Isky springs and titanium retainers, Jomar Stud Girdles
Ported Vic Jr, ported to 1262R and matched to heads perfectly
950ish Holley DP
2" Hooker Supercomps with adapter plates, 3.5" collector and 3" exhaust to dynomax ultraflos

C4 trans with 4400 stall and 3.73s with 28" tires. Stall can be adjusted cheaply if needed by Circle D.

Current best ET 1.46 sixty, [email protected] mph 1/8 mile
Separate 1/4 mile: 1.50, [email protected], [email protected]

2950-3000 lbs race weight.
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