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Do you have to weigh the same as a full tube chassis if you have a all steel backhalf with a aftermarket replacement front frame with a-arms.

Whats Daves number?

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Mike this is all thats on Cecils website for rules for big tire.Hope it helps
Outlaw Big Tire
1/4 Mile Racing​
1. .400 Pro Tree Heads Up Racing
2. Car Must be Street Legal
* Working Lights
* Mufflers(inserts are NOT considered mufflers)
3. Minimum Weights:
* Naturally Aspirated backhalf 2600 lbs, full chassis 2900 lbs
* NOS backhalf 2900 lbs, full chassis 3200 lbs
* Blown (no screw blowers) backhalf 3000 lbs, full chassis 3300 lbs
* Turbo (single turbo only) backhalf 3000 lbs, full chassis 3300 lbs
4. Maximum Engine Size
* 650 cubic inch Nitrous (over 650 add 100 lbs)
* 565 cubic inch Blown
* 500 cubic inch Turbo
* Unlimited for naturally aspirated
5. Small blocks under 450 cubic inches
deduct 100 lbs
6. All cars and drivers must pass NHRA technical certification
7. Eight Car Qualified Field
8. NHRA Pro Ladder will be used
10. NHRA rules regarding Head and Neck Restraints and Lower Engine
Containment Devices will be ENFORCED.
If one combination appears to have an advantage rules may be changed at
Cecil County Dragway’s discretion in order to keep a level playing field for all
Race Directors Decisions on all matters will be FINAL​
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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