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Beware of Dambest Carburetors!!!

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I purchased a Dambest billet 4500 carburetor and noticed the boosters are only epoxied in place, they are not supported as in a traditional holley and secured with stake pins. I thought they were at least swedged. The carb came with two different jet sizes in the primary side (so much for his accurate wet bench). To make matters worse, the linkage was binding. The secondary linkage would not close properly after the burnout. After close examination, I could see the throttle arms were not welded perpendicular to the throttle shafts ( he makes his own linkage). When I contacted this company on the issues I found, he was very confrontational and hung up on me. Once the linkage issue was fixed ( I purchased an external linkage kit from blp), the carb always ran a tenth slower than my old 8896. Be very careful when dealing with this company, the service after the sale, is non-existent. Go to the website, and read about the returns policy.. 50% of the purchase price is intellectual property.. For the amount of money I paid for this carburetor, I expected quality.
Buyer beware.
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All I know is I own 13, count em, 13 modified Nhra legal 750's from some of the premier carb builders known to man, and I had damn best do 1,yes 1, and it ran to the thoudanths of the best of the 13. Also, had him do 1, yes 1 set of old 660's, and they were 15 HP better then a pair that came on a comp motor from a very reputable builder. Also I have one done by a highly regarded carb builder that is 100 HP down from my best stuff, and I ain't bashing him because I know several people who have had great carbs from him. Just refreshing an old thread. Dambest in my opinion is one of the best. And we have set a couple records in SS with him.
We don't own that many different pairs of carbs but our billet ultimate dominator were .06-.08 quicker to the 1/8th than our old carbs from a big name, out of the box!
Carburetors are like converters. No two are identical, and no builder is perfect. I say just get with one, and stick it out. Whatever you're running that's fast, stick with it.
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