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best way to flush a transmission/cooler/convertor

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I want to change the fluid in the car.

i was thinking of just taking off the line on one of the cooler fittings and running it into a bucket and firing the car up and adding fluid as the fluid is coming out.

anything wrong with that?

i want to flush it all out.

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That will work. The lower line is the outlet. If you want to do a real bang up job , take the pan off, clean it all out and change the filter then fill the trans and run 4 quarts or so out through the lower cooler line and it will all be changed and the pan will be clean.


oh ill do just that.
what filter should i get for it. (hopefully local)
its a powerglide

thanks hutch
It will have a brass screen filter in it now. If your stuck , wash it out. If you can get another it should be a brass screen.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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