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On this and our last motor we had it in the valey. like wayne said it looks like a tube pointed to the back but slanted down just a bit. then it has to make a 90* turn up. also a baffle on the first section with a drain back hole. we get very little oil in the catch. the opening is probably dead center of the motor(front to back) and the fitting is near the front of the valey. if you put the fitting in front with no baffle i would imagine the cam will throw the oil thru that window toward the fitting. ours is over a "closed" section where i don't think there could be much splash.

Maybe also do some testing to see if you pull the car up start it in the box and make a pass does it not suck oil verses idleing it up and makeing a pass. if so its more than likely drain back/slinging the drainback all over the valley area.

Are the guys with drain back oil problems aluminum gm blocks?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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