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Best of craigslist right here

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Received this in the email about my craigslist item

Thanks for your reply,Concerning my inquiry,am quite comfortable with it's condition.I will make payment with (MONEY ORDER) this week and i will offer you additional $50 for going to keep it for my payment, because i really need it. AS per PICK-UP, I will make arrangement for that with the aid of my private shipper. you can get back to me with your full information as stated below, for the payment: your Full Name:, contact address(not p.o. box) :, City :, States Zip/Postal Code :, Phone number : Be aware that the pick up will be after you have cashed the (MONEY ORDER).

I am sorry for getting back to you late,it was due to the situation in the family.I was called on emergency that my Husband collapsed at work, when we brought him into the hospital,we discovered that he was suffering from cancer and he needed a major sugery.
I have not been comfortable since then, and sent out payment to your contact address you gave me but I discovered that some how, my assistant has over paid you the payment amount( postal money order) that was meant for another transaction was sent to you and the one meant for you was sent to another person.
Please once you receive the money order, I will like you to cash it at the cashing store. You are to deduct your money for the item and the remaining balance you will send via western union to us because we really need to get my husband hospital bills settled.
When you receive the money order, I will send to you, the information you will use in sending the remaining balance via werstern union to us, so that my husband hospital bills can be settled and my mover can contact you for the pick-up arrangment as well.
Thanks once again for your understanding and get back to me when you received this mail.
Mrs.Luisa Estrada
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Or tell him that his wife was very good in bed, but no need to send any money as you already kicked her to the curb!!
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