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Long time lurker, finally started a project a couple years back and decided I should probably make a thread on here.

I've got a thread on the corral so one or 2 of you may recognize the turd that is my Capri.

Goal for it was to rescue some abandoned car that wasn't your typical Mustang, Camaro etc... I was hoping to find a 67 Cougar but I'm afraid those are all but extinct.

I ended up with a Mercury though, and having had an 86 Mustang in high school I knew from the start that this chassis was what I really wanted. I was unfamiliar with the early foxes, so some of the nuances of the non efi, non T5 equipped junk have caught me off guard. Nonetheless, I'm building this thing.

Found the car locally in a dude's yard, It had sat in the same spot since 2013, got it started with a gas can and fresh battery to get it home. Had zero brakes so I used the e brake and strategic downshifts to get the thing there without incident.

I've mainly cleaned up the inside of it and done small things to keep it driveable while saving up to build the engine.

Had a flat so I upgraded the wheels/tires to some SVE series 1s, cut the springs because I'm cheap and got some MM caster camber plates.

Want to do some drag week type events in the future, but mainly just cruise around locally and hurt a few
feelings if given the opportunity.

So far I've managed to collect most of the parts for the shortblock, I'm swapping in a 393w with a 3.850 stroke scat 9000 series crank, stock football rods with some autotec shelf pistons. I'm planning to run promaxx shocker 210s with the TFS stage 4 cam I have. HP goal is 500 crank, we'll see where I end up as I'm gonna try to fit this with a carb on it under the stock hood.

Photos of the process below in no particular order.
Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Vehicle Car
Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Vehicle
Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Window

Tire Car Vehicle Wheel Window
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive engine gasket Automotive exterior Gas
Gas Auto part Rectangle Metal Wood
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