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bbc roller lifter wear ?

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i am pulling the heads off of my 555 bbc and inspected the solid roller lifters. i noticed one pair came out slightly hard, had to work them out. then i noticed that there is scuffing on the side towards the cylinders. they all have it but all of the others moved nicely. all of the rollers were fine and the cam looks fine. didn't feel any scoring on the lifter bores either but will have to look a little deeper tomorrow. dart big m block, anyone seen anything like this? has about 800 street miles on it, hasn't been to the track yet. thanks in advance, paul c.
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mine are 7 year old crowers with the oiling hole for the roller that i got from shaffiroff. i will have to take a picture and post it. it almost seems like they are getting too much side load at some point.
these are 7 years old crowers with the oil holes for the rollers. only 800 miles though. i have some leaking valves in my darts pro 1's that are going to my machinist on monday and he will check the springs and such. pics to come later.
they are stock diameter. i miced them up and they were about .001 bigger on the bottom measuring near the corners of the roller. i will post pics later. thanks again.
here is a pic. of the wear spots. obviously it is the darker spots. these aren't too bad, some others had score marks.
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Your kidding yourself if you think they dont all do it. There is not a solid roller made for the street, 800 miles is only 3200 1/4 mile passes. If someone came to you and said I have 3200 passes on my anything you would think they are crazy. Not saying you cant because I do to but dont be supprised when you have issues out of everyones stuff.
i am not surprised at all, i just thought the roller would wear out, not the side of the body. using valvoline vr1 for oil.
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