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bbc roller lifter wear ?

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i am pulling the heads off of my 555 bbc and inspected the solid roller lifters. i noticed one pair came out slightly hard, had to work them out. then i noticed that there is scuffing on the side towards the cylinders. they all have it but all of the others moved nicely. all of the rollers were fine and the cam looks fine. didn't feel any scoring on the lifter bores either but will have to look a little deeper tomorrow. dart big m block, anyone seen anything like this? has about 800 street miles on it, hasn't been to the track yet. thanks in advance, paul c.
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What Jeff said ^^^ above , it is all about cycles . Keep an eye on the axle clips , they try to work their way out of their groove and the lifter starts to spread the fork . Take them out and inspect them as often as possible before you have to beat them out from beneath and repair the lifter bores and the camshaft . If you have to run solid rollers on the street maybe consider a larger dia. lifter since they have a larger dia. wheel and axle that can take the stress a bit longer than stock dia. lifters . Just a thought .
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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