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bbc roller lifter wear ?

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i am pulling the heads off of my 555 bbc and inspected the solid roller lifters. i noticed one pair came out slightly hard, had to work them out. then i noticed that there is scuffing on the side towards the cylinders. they all have it but all of the others moved nicely. all of the rollers were fine and the cam looks fine. didn't feel any scoring on the lifter bores either but will have to look a little deeper tomorrow. dart big m block, anyone seen anything like this? has about 800 street miles on it, hasn't been to the track yet. thanks in advance, paul c.
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Thats not the first time ive heard of comp lifters having that issue, i use a set of crower hippo lifters in my merlin II block, that lasted about 7 years aswell approx 10k miles, one was a little tight in the bore(but obv when new wasnt) that lifter a short time later for what ever reason broke the wheel in half and wrecked the cam, do your self a favor if the lifter bore mics ok buy a new set of lifters before it costs you more damage

mine were .904 bore btw.

Also i dont know how true it is but my engine builder said in the past yr or so crower realeased a batch of lifters that were disasters, i'd recomend the morrel's, jesels, or make sure u have a good set of crowers.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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