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I've been following this area, It looks like you guys have a good understanding of the BB Chevy. I need some advice

I'm laid up, recovering from Achilles tendon surgery and I'm thinking about an oiling issue I was dealing with before that happened.
I know I need to do some diagnostics, but until I can walk I'm stuck bench wrenching.

The motor is a 509 Gen VI BBC, Edelbrock RPM oval port heads, comp solid roller, GS roller lifters. High Volume std pressure oil pump - 20lbs @ 1000rpm and 65lbs @ 6000rpm

From idle to 2000 you can run the motor with the valve covers off, even 20w-40 oil only seeps out of the pushrods. Here's a link to a video of it:
Above that rpm it will spray oil on the fenderwells.
The motor has an older set of Comp proMagnum roller rockers. The oil runs down around the trunion and the roller tip and the valve spring don't get much oil at idle. This is a street driven hot rod. At first I thought it was enough, but now I'm not so sure.
Question 1) Does this look right? Why do solid rollers oil so poorly at low RPM?

This is s street driven car. I believe the valve seals (PC teflon) have gone bad, all the plugs show oil. (No, I havent 'leaked' it yet)
Question 2) Would viton seals and a newer design rocker that oils the spring be the best answer? or what else?

And what about this?
With the driver's side valve cover off and the motor running I can look down the forward oil drainback hole in the head and into the lifter gallery, and see the hole in the front of the block inside the front cover where the timing chain is. Running at idle, I see a lot of splashing oil,... sheets of oil sloshing around the chain.
Question 3) Is that normal or could something be leaking up front, like an oil galley plug or somehow from the front of the cam?
Could all these oiling issues be tied together? Any ideas?
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