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i just pulled my bbc that has a mild solid roller cam and wanted to see what kind of combo's have been built using a hyd. roller cam. im lazy and would like to have zero maintence. anyone build a 500+ bigblock with a hyd. roller and make 750+hp? id like to see how big and how far a serious bbc hyd. roller cam setup would go!

ive seen out of the off the shelf listings with lift as high as .630, what about a hyd roller cam approaching .700+ lift, and real life duration at 20 better then 265?

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To get the information you need, I'd suggest contacting cam grinders and ask them how wicked a hyd roller can be ground.

Keep in mind a couple of things. BBC's valvetrains are heavy to begin with and will impose certain limits by itself. Then you have the agressive rocker arm ratio. Those springs inside the hyd rollers can only take so much resistence before they collapse.

If your engine is set up with a really good top end package (with) alum heads where you can run a decent amount of compression, and a free-flowing exhaust system, you should be able to come real close to your hp goal.

Frankly, if your current solid roller is set up with spot-on rocker geometry and you are running "good" hardware and not having any problems, then don't change. If your lash is changing a lot between checks, then you have other issues that need addressed.
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