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badass mud truck

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I see all those guys every week for nitrous and fuel. They are some sick bastards. Momma always warned us about playing in the mud, who knew it could be so cool? Most of those guys are great people who just have fun all the time. None of them ever come in here without a smile on their faces. Must be something about the Florida mud.

Oh yea and most of them are down right crazy!
Yup thats opies you think its bad there you should see if with paddle tires :cool: i personally think this truck is absolutely badass sounds jus like a pro mod

Construction development outta fl VS big nasty outta georgia Ford vs Chevy

Opies ride on paddles

Construction development
You need to see under the hood of that sum bitch. That is one bad, bad truck. Big old nasty blower and all.
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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