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Axle Question

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I have about 500 hp, T5, Drag Radial and a 2980# car with driver. Will strang or moser 31 spline axles handle a 4000-5000 RPM launch?

My stock axle lasted the whole season launching at 3600 rpm but I broke it when my rev limiter did not hold my rpm and I let the clutch fly at around 6000 rpm.

I was palnning on buying the 33 spline spool package but a 31 spline setup has fallen in my lap and the money could go towards a better transmission.

Thanks for your input.
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Yea, I went lots of 1.40's and a handful of 1.30's with 9" 31 spline axles - never hurt one until the Detroit Locker broke a drive spline and the broken spline chewed on the splines.
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