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Just a note to let everyone know I'm available to work as a crew chief/tuning consultant in 2015 (and most of this year).

When someone gives me a shot in the door car world, they will not be disappointed. I have won championships with dragsters and funny cars and I was tuning/driving a converter car in TAFC back before they were cool. I'm not a one trick pony.

I bring a lot of experience in power and wheelspeed management to the table. I'm a details oriented guy. I know how to race the track and race smart. I've come from behind to win the championship on the last day 3 times.

I don't mean to look like I'm just blowing my own horn, but the competitive fire that drives me really wants to get in the trenches of the door car wars.

I can provide numerous references. Hell even Stocklin will vouch for me.

I will be in Indy this weekend if someone would like to discuss in person.

NHRA Pro Mod, Pro Extreme, Turbo Cars, lets do this.

Will Hanna
[email protected]
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