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We broke a few things,but made it to Stanton on Sat. for their 10.5 race

Was in the semis when the oil pan cracked by the rear main & let loose @ 900 ft. There was a huge cloud of smoke & safety thought there was a fire.

Anyway we did not want to risk having anymore issues so we choose to sit out the final

The really funny thing is the guy we had to race was running a set of 10.5W's which is not allowed @ the Stanton race,thus he got the big D.Q. giving us the win.
So at least something went OK

I can't stand a cheater !!!!

Monty it was good to meet you & thanks for the great video & pic.


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Cool meeting you too.. Awesome job at both races.. The fans were talking and asking if I got the wheelie on tape.. I'm going to burn a few DVD's.. I will send you a copy or give you one at the next event..
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