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We ended up having a great race. Everybody there had a great time and we all got to put faces with names and get to know each other. We had 10 cars show up with one breaking before the actual race so 9 cars were entered in eliminations. We had 4 cars that broke something within the last week before the race. We had another 4 cars that confirmed they would be there and didn't show for reasons unknown. If those 8 would have showed it would have been a full 16 car field but thats how it goes, nothing you can do about it. It was really really really HOT and that plagued all of us. Added to that I think every car there was having some sort of issue with their car that was not allowing it to run to its potential. For us it was the trans/ wouldn't even let us do a burnout! I don't know how the car still ran 5.60s without even a burnout and wet tires but it did. Luck was def on our side. Anyway, here is how everything ended up.....

1st round:

Tony Russo(n20mstr) def. Scotty Wilson(Dustedu)
Phillip Rose(sixpakx) def. Jerry Mathis(Lifesgrt)
Robert Loder(fastdart) def. Wayne Smothers(Big Squeeze)
Gary Robbins (silverfish) def. Bob Romano(Bigtime)
Bill May had the bye run

2nd round:

Gary Robbins (silverfish) def. Phillip Rose(sixpakx)
Robert Loder(fastdart) def. Bill May
Tony Russo(n20mstr) had the bye

3rd round:

Tony Russo(n20mstr) def. Robert Loder(fastdart)
Gary Robbins(silverfish) had the bye

Final Round:

Tony Russo(n20mstr) def. Gary Robbins(silverfish)

Quickest nitrous pass was Bill May - $500 from Monte Smith Performance

Longest drive was Tony Russo(n20mstr) - Set of wires from Custom Wire Sets

Most dramatic loss of the race was Bob Romano(bigtimeauto) - Set of wires from Custom Wire Sets

Quickest 1st round loser was Scotty Wilson(Dustedu) - Set of wires from Custom Wire Sets

Every racer was awarded a gift certificate from Jeff Allison Motorsports(Hitman340)

Congrats to Tony Russo(n20mstr) for the win. He made all the right decisions about his tuneup and the track and just plain got it done. A very well deserved win!!

And a very special thanks to all the sponsors that made this happen....

Gary Robbins with Robbins Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep
Bob Romano with Bigtime Automotive
Steve Gillman with Predator Performance
Wayne Smothers with Smothers Supercars
Rick Gorski with Custom Wire Sets
Jeff Allison with Jeff Allison Motorsports
Monte Smith with Monte Smith Performance
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