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Attention WCF Racers... All racers MUST ARRIVE on Wednesday or Thursday of the event!

We need to get all racers parked inside the pits and tech inspected before the masses of spectators arrive on Friday morning. Tech Inspection will be all day on Thursday (one day only). There will also be an Early Bird Test Session on Wed & Thurs if you would like to test. Racers cannot arrive on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Spectators can arrive any day Wednesday - Sunday.

We know that some of you need to take valuable time off work, but we need to make sure the event flows properly. This is the same schedule as last year. With an event this size we can't have racers trapped in the huge spectator lines on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Help us pass the word and tell all your racing buddies so all WCF racers to plan to arrive on Wednesday or Thursday. Thank you and see you at WCF!

21st annual Haltech World Cup Finals
Import vs Domestic
November 4-6, 2016
Maryland International Raceway
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