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If you are running a supercharged COPO Camaro or a COPO Create Engine we can make your faster. Would you rather be running a Tensioner that was designed for a truck or one that was built for your race car?

Pictured on the left is the cast aluminum, flat spring tensioner that was installed on your engine from the factory. This tensioner is designed for the following trucks:

  • 1998-2002 > International > All Models > 7.6L L6 > Genesis RE
  • 2005-2005 > International > All Models > 7300
  • 2005-2005 > International > All Models > 7300 SBA
  • 2005-2007 > International > All Models > 4300
Pictured (below) is the American Racing Solutions Racing Belt Tensioner designed for your COPO engine. Our Tensioner is fabricated from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum. After machining the arm and the base we install a TGP steel shaft, hardened bushings and a needle bearing (no plastic parts).

The result is a tensioner that will maintain constant contact with your belt and will calmly and smoothly travel as your belt expands and contracts under the vigorous torque and load as you race down the track. Our Tensioner has been proven to reduce belt slip, which increase boost and horsepower. The end result is a faster ET. Don’t be left behind, order yours now.

Replaces Dayco part number 89270, 89446

Visit our site now to learn more about the best belt tensioner you can put on your car! -> Click Here Now!

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