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Ashley Judd........Nuts ?

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Yep. Watch both video's.
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A fine contribution, sir.
She does not seem to have ballooned up in size....yet.

Porn is the next step for that once good looking woman
Nut case along with her bloody sheets she enjoys so much...
Yep she is crazy. I know she is getting alot of negativity from Kentucky people. She didn't fall to far from the crazy tree,heck look at her mom and sister.
Yup. I us'ta think she was hot. Then I finally realized she is just a ****.
If there was a way to get this video to her personally I would appreciate it.

Let us not forget that she IS an actress........a NASTY actress!
She's had mental issues for decades, and not all of it can be pinned on her directly. Living with someone like Naomi Judd couldn't have been easy.

Still, that rant is waaaaay out there, even for a typical America-hating celebrity.
Another delusional liberal. She does seem to be high on something.
She needs to shut the fuck up and go bake something,
Nuts , just like her mom and sister whom my aunt (clinical psychologist) used to "counsel" when they lived in Jackson Co. Ky............ :rolleyes:
Ashley Judd = Angry Bitter 48 year old aging haggard woman with NO man, NO children and No family of her own.

(very typical with liberals)
I got as far as 00:01:29:00 (after the "Southern" accent came and went and came back a few times), heard the name "Hitler" added into the list of bombastic analogies and I was out.

Good-lookin' for sure. Nutty as a squirrel's cheeks though.
One things for sure, this Trump presidency sure is exposing a lot of celebs. I will no longer be watching.
21 - 40 of 70 Posts
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