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Anyone live around Park Forest, IL that could look up a possible scammer phone info.

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I just get a bad vibe from this guy on my ebay buy. Won the bid and no communication, emailed several times no reply telephone seems to be missing numbers I got his full name and home address. Can someone just looked up his name in a local directory to find a telephone number for me.

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PM sent thanks for any help

I just want his phone number after 4 e mails and 5 days since I one the bid I just asking for some contact.Is that to much to ask for, with all these scams reported on here I'm nervous.


the ebay item was a new MagnaFuel ProStar 500 Combo pump& filter

Item number: 220446219620
Thanks he has good feedback but his last transaction was in March so I thought his account might have been hijacked or if he is on holidays he would say something and let me know!, I am just looking for email back saying ya I got the money will send out by a certain date.
Thanks YB guys

He said he will ship it to me on Monday:D
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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