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Next spring go buy 10 bull frogs and a 4' piece of schedule 40, 3" pvc pipe. Cut the pipe into 5'' sections. Dig a hole and place the pvc pipe in the ground, cover the pvc pipe with dirt. Now dig out an expose one side of the pipe.

Place these pvc shelters around your homes foundation. Best place is close to a light source at night, such as your front door, garage doors and back door. Frogs mostly feed at night.

You won't find a better insect control then frogs.

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Golden orb spider.

The frog idea is great until the snakes come to eat the frogs.
Also known as an Orb Weaver. The spider the op put up appears to be a male Funnel Weaver, not the Australian type... I had a female Funnel Weaver living above my garage door all summer. We named her Martha and would go out and feed her at night to see how big she would get. Didn't get as big as the one put up by the op but she was hefty. She went missing just a couple of weeks ago.

I don't mind spiders as long as they stay out of the house and the shop. I usually take care of the ones that make their way into the shop with brake cleaner. I tried the Windex trick on a couple that were in the house and didn't have much luck. I did have a big Funnel Weaver going across the middle of the floor in the shop once and was out of brake cleaner. I tossed some VP C14 on him and lit him up - worked awesome!!!
61 - 67 of 67 Posts
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