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I've got to disagree with this based on personal experience. I tried killing a rather large spider with carb cleaner, I left for a broom and the fucker was gone... I used a shit load of spray too! We have hobos, black widows, and Wolf spiders among others. I'll pays hundreds to get rid of those things!!!
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In Japan, we had huge spiders & insects. Having some equipment out in the field for years many of them would make homes in the equipment. One thing mandatory in the mobile tool arsenal, was a case of carb cleaner....just for the bugs.
I lived in Florida & had a bad infestation of black widows. It worked great. I now live in a tropical climate, guess what I deal with all the time? Guess what I use. Carb cleaner .

Unless it is ants. Then I use Combat ant killer( gel that comes in a needle type container). That shit is awesome.
1 - 2 of 67 Posts
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