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Anybody using autotronics engine management

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Anybody using or hear of autotronics engine management system?looking for some reviews or opinions about it.or if I should just keep my Dfi gen7 which seems like there a only a few tuners for.
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First we make mistakes Dfi gen 7, Aem, etc, Then we learn = Autronic sm4, motec ;)
Is that the X275 OUTBACK EFI Nick?
LMAO! I still fall on the floor laughing when you call it that. You know you want one for the chevy! There's going to be some real haters when you have efi and a turbo on the malibu :smt082.
Hey Nick its Frankie. You should post up a few of your friends combo that has autronic to show them the true power of aussie efi! :cool:
I am sure some of them will chime in as I don't want to reveal any numbers since most are grudge racers, but the personal ones I have tuned its not even just the power thats impressive, its how well the system itself runs. The driveability is like stock on anything you put it on, the sky is the limit on what you can do with it if you get creative. After pulling my hair out on some of the other systems out there with there quirks and glitches, by far its the best money ive spent.
Enzo is our dealer here on long island and tunes also. I tune my own as well as some others here on long island.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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