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Any Titans Fans

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Just wondering waht ya'll thought bout our new running back. He might end up pretty good if we can get a quarter back.
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damn it i thought you meant titan motor sports
Heck youd be lucky to get a dime back let alone a quarter back :p just kidding of course, they would give you the shirt off thier back if need be
our new running back has a lot of promise and is one quick mother fucker,, now only if we had a quarterback to go with it. i used to think vince young was the shit when he was at texas, now i just dont think he is nfl material,, maybe 2nd or 3rd string at his best after that bullshit performance yesterday.. go KERRY
chris johnson is quick! I watched him play several times last year at ECU.
Johnson is the man. Hate he left the Pirates, would have been nice to seem him dominating Dowdy Ficklen Stadium Saturday verses WVU!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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