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I like Gigabyte mother boards. I used to use ASUS but their quality has slipped lately. Can't go wrong with a GB Board.

If you're springing for an i7 chip, spring for the fastest memory. The boards you are looking at will have 3 rows of memory so you're looking at 6, 12, 18, 24 meg, etc.

Get the 64 bit OS

Spend money on a good video card. At least $200. Don't go cheap there.

Here's a story...we spent good money on a ASUS mother board and it failed. Then we got a cheapo $65 MB to replace it with. The cheapo board benchmarked better....who knew.

I like this case for the money:

Antec 300

has 2-120MM fans up front, 140 on top, 120 on the back, and another 120 on the side panel. The power supply is on the bottom, which I like.
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