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Hey guys, been googling for answers to my problem for the last 3 days, the meat of the question followed by the background:

I have no control of wire speed, it goes all out no matter where I set wire speed knob too.
Hobart Handler 175
Serial# LA298147
Stock # 500417

I pulled the potentiometer out, measured the ohms on it, when the knob is turned all the way left (slowest wire speed) it read 0.0ohms, when I turned it all the way clockwise, it then read 53.2ohms...given that is is a 50ohm rheostat, I have to assume that this part is good?

Now I have'nt used this welder for a few years, the other day I decided to revamp my grandfathers jon boat, stripped out all the rotten wood and decided to go all aluminum for framing/decking/ after searching around, BRWelding sells a kit to adapt a spool gun to my welder, it just jumps in between the wire feed motor wires so you can switch the motor off while using the spool gun, but it still allows the gas to come through.

Adapter I bought to convert for use with Spoolrunner 100 spool gun:
Now since my welder is older, is was'nt plug and play like this kit was designed for on the newer welders, so I had to cut the plug ends off the switch, and then cut wires going to wire speed motor so I could get the switch wiring hooked up in the middle....there really is only one way to wire it up since polarity must be correct otherwise wire roller spins in reverse, or just does'nt work at all. I confirmed all this when I called BRWelding to go over this switch addition to my older welder and could'nt get wire speed control to work.

And the spool gun I bought:

Long story short, got it all wired up, hooked up spool gun with 4340 wire and 100% argon, put heat on lowest setting (the heat knob still works, just not wire feed speed) and I was able to confirm I can weld aluminum no problem.....but as we all know, you have to be able to adjust wire speed....and at this point i cannot.

I even took the switch out I installed, put the welder back to stock, and even then there is no wire speed control, just goes full tilt all the time. Thankfully aluminum welds faster than mild steel, and it works great with heat on lowest setting and wire speed where it's at for the .125 wall aluminum square tubing I'm using....BUT, obviously before I put the sides back on the welder, I want/need/have to figure out what/where to test to figure out what is bad and why I have no wire speed control.

Anyhow, any ideas of where to look/test to dig in further and track down the problem would be great....and if this is a common problem, if there are solutions/part numbers/prices/etc...obviously that would be very helpful as well.
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