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1,908 Posts could leave on one kit, turn it off, and on with the second kit, and then turn the first kit back on in conjunction with the second kit, to have a third stage, both kits. Then let the second fogger come in on the timer.....WOOOOOHHHHH

Mike, what 2qwk4u said above, it exactly what we discussed. I would like to hear what Monte thinks about the the spray bar (leaving it on vs turning it back off), and what he thinks about doing this with just the 2 foggers...1st kit (same as it is)--then turn it off while turning the 2nd fogger on (BIG pills), then turning #1 back on again. My concern is the jet spread and not being able to keep the A/F in check doing it this way.


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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