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Any electricians on here.Need help figuring out why I have no power to my garage.

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Lost power and can't figure out whats up.I have power to the switch which I replaced but can't get power to lights and recepts.I am not good with wiring.HELP.
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Sounds like the white and black wires are backwards going to junction box originally. If you are POSITIVE it is a three way switch (I don't think it is) I would try swapping your wire number 2 and the white wire on the switch. Hopefully your CB works if that is not the issue. If all is metal conduit that is you ground. Does the white wire connection at switch tie into the frame of the switch? If so That is not a 3-way.
After reading and seing pics I am pretty sure it is not a 3 way switch.
OK, based on that, I think the wire passing straight through is the neutral and the one coming back down into the switch box from the junction box needs to be hooked to the other big screw on the same side of the switch as the hot wire coming up into the switch box. .
I just read this, I agree with this. I think that is what I said too.:cool:
Just take a picture of what you have and post it.
Garage has power.Thanks everyone.Switch I installed was not a 3 way switch.Glad I already had your no. XJ. Sent him pics and he comfirmed I had the wrong switch.
After reading and seing pics I am pretty sure it is not a 3 way switch.
Thats what I said 14 posts ago.
41 - 46 of 46 Posts
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