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Theres a contest put out by Central New York Woman. The winner gets put on the cover of the December issue. December is the time for giving. And this lady sure could use the recognition of the bullet.

Her name is Lillie Goodrich and she runs Glenhighland Border Collie Rescue. This lady work tirelessly in getting the dogs back to her refuge, rehabilitating and placing them in forever homes. She has an extremely high placement record. Shes gone as far as Texas to rescue them from Puppy mills and abusive situations. If she can get the cover, maybe she can get some donations to help feed and find these great dogs.

We got a dog from her in May. On her 3rd home before she hit Glenhighland. We have her for good.

Yeah, I know facebook is *****. And I also know you clowns have an account. :p #5 Lillie Goodrich. Glenhighland
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