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any chris cornell fans here?

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ok im listening to his new stuff,its all r&b and rythmic{like house and techno}.

now usually i would rip artists apart for these attempts but it is cornell and he seems to still get the message across-but im also a diehard fan-have met him a few times and have listened heavily since fop{real fans know fop}

anyone have an opinion on this new stuff?
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well soundgarden is a dead deal{as shitty as that is}

get over himself? well im not sure what you wean,yeah hes kinda self wallowing a bit about women but we all go through that

question is what he will follow this album with

john how into soundgarden r/were you?

you got albums or just heard whats on the radio?
big Cornell fan, don't know what fop is though. I've liked pretty much everything from him so far, but it sounds like i'll probably be passing on this album.
fop is his debut

screaming life fop

if you want this album pm me,its still cornell lyrics

i got all his shit,ill gladly send it{gotta spread his music}
ok guys check this out-its cornells release of scream

one of the more melodic songs on his new stuff-its hard to listen past the sampled shit-and the fact hes actually singing on key-but its still him
lol to each his own-its hard to swallow but i guess your not a true fan if you cant accept diversity from an artist

although i will admit i was an old def leppard fan and the ***** shit they make now is just dumb-i hope cornell doesnt get sucked into that trend
well your not a fan of an artist,your a fan of a style

i remember when ozzie made bliizard of oz and he got torn up by reviews

but i still listened
ill agree there tooo

i just love musics diversity and i do respect your opinion

even though your opinions WRONG!!;)

im so hooked on his shit my favorite movie is collatoral
ive sen him live so many times,its almost painful because even though he screams alot-all his old stuff was still recorded,sample,rerecorded and smapled again{allot on my old roomates stuff-i lived with his sound engineer as a roommate for awhile}-even at lallapolooza i had to get drunk to realize he was off key from his usual off key stuff

but thats just cornell's style-or was

now hes spending alot of time in sweden and overseas where this melodic crap is all over the place-but like i said its his lyrics even if it isnt a typical beat and style of his

this album is alot of self wallowing stuff-more than down on the upside was
1 - 8 of 15 Posts
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