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Re: Why no blown cars?

Camp Stanley said:
Monty Mikho said:
Ummm maybe the 120 degree temps have something to do with it.. :-D
Or maybe they don't? Lets see Milan was at 4100ft density altitude, 105 degrees at one point, nitrous car goes 6.59! Blown car only goes 6.61! Think there is that much difference? I will agree that the nitrous cars are at a distinct advantage in those extreme heat ranges, but is it really 120 degrees after sundown when a lot of these photos appear to be taken.
These are serious questions about the temps, nothing more. They need a bad ass blown car to represent the differences!
Not that I would wanna hijack Jimmy's thread or anything... Chuckle-guff-guff!
I don't really think the heat is a big problem it's more the humidity and moisture content of the air that gives a nitrous car any advantage. I would guess that this area of the world being in a desert climate may have a very dry heat with little humidity.
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