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Anti-roll Ball questions.

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Finally being able to get back to getting things ordered for the rear suspension on my '00 GT.
Im looking at a Wolfe and Team Z; complete kits. ARB, Adjustable uppers, Single adjustable lowers. I was curious about the bushing wear on the anti-roll bars and how often you guys are having to change them out. Thanks in advance.

Here are the 2 different kits I'm looking at.
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They are both quality, proven units. You won't have a problem with either one of them brother. If you have any questions beyond what's wrote here perhaps you should hit them up on the phone.
Team Z
I have run my TeamZ arb for about a year ~3000 miles and there is absolutely no wear at all.
ours will be redone some time this year.... i'd advise getting a anti-roll with nice bearings and splined shaft... do it right first time and be done. i dont feel that the graphite bushings or grease are enough...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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