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Was having him build me a transmission. He was supplying the transmission core and was building it to hold the 1000hp i needed it to hold. He said it would be good for 1600hp.

Paid him $1080 in full and expected it to get built within a couple months. He got the TH400 case and tore it apart and then moved back to where he was from.

He was working at his cousins shop here in Ft. Worth, TX and I was working with him so I trusted that it would get done. About a month later, he had a falling out with his cousin and decided to move back to Milwaukee where then he went to work at Fast Times Performance. This was almost 2 years ago and lots of promises but nothing has came through.

Oh yeah, he is also the son of Willie Baily, so if you guys know him, please let him know about this. Thanks.
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