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alum rods/length/longevity questions..

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right now it looks like the 665 is the best way to go,but i want to do it in a 11.1 deck block in case i go bigger in the future..any drawback to using a long alum rod?punched in some numbers and came up with a 5inch stroke 7.1 rod,1.47comp height,13cc dome.that would put me .030 in the hole with 15.1 compression..

any problem putting that much meat on the piston?should be able to get the ring down enough to get some meat between the ring cut and valve cut.pistons will have to be custom,who makes the best one and has a knowledgeable staff to anwser the phone?

whose rod and how many runs should they be good for?bme ,grp and mgp come to mind..or i could go steel as that length is available.

any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.
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I currently run Manley Super 70s that are 6.935". No problems as of yet. Of course that's a lot shorter than what your hoping to run along with Manley not making aluminum rods anymore. So if I was to go with aluminum I would say GRP. We have a couple sets in the shop and they are a nice piece!! For pistons we have been going with JE lately. Pretty easy to get a custom piston made. Other than that I couldn't say much more. I've never dealt with or been around your proposed combination (well the 11.1" deck and 7.1" rod)..
i have been running GRP's at 7.2 and 7.3. i have two sets so far that have 200 passes each, they measure as if they are new. I prob dont spray or make as much HP as you are , but my last set had about 145 passes with about .095 to .113 nitrous jet to them. I would say GRp is a good rod, and prob 100 or so passes safe, as long as the motor is not detonated
onefast68 talk two Monte Smith or Steve John on long rod in nitrous motor and see what thay will say on your rod combination.
lets see if they post on the thread
The new 665 is that for 68 camaro.
yes,want to run a little faster this year,maybe with less nitrous than before.
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