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alt wiring ?

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on a one wire alternator,how do i run the wires? one from battery to the alt i get, but how to run one to the cut off switch in the trunk?thanks
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Maybe a stupid question but can you use typical commercial / residential wire (THHN/THW) for this or does it have to be like "automotive grade"? Just curious because I am an electrician and have this regularly available. I'm just not sure if the stranding would be the same too.
Not the same temperature rating. You need or want wire with a rating of 105C. Automotive can come in 65C as well, but that should not be used near the engine. Better just to use the higher temperature stuff every where.
Ima sparky too - got tons of the THHN laying around likewise.. I use it. I just make sure I route it clear of the hot zones.. It's 90deg celcius rated. Has worked for me in the past. If you can get the automotive grade - more power to ya. As you know, the more copper stranding you can get, the better the overall conductivity will be.
90C should work fine. I dont know if the jackets have the same abrasive, UV, oil resistance though. Might, I really dont know.

Sometihng you might find interesting. We have found when dealing with high amp loads (1000+) and using fine strand wire, you need to go up a size. i.e. calaculate 1/0 you should use 2/0. Found a lot of fine wire will burn or get really hot with the high amp loads. (by fine strand I am talking around 1400 strands in 1/0)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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