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Almost ready,

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The headers are finally done and are getting coated and thats it, everything is ready and should be running as soon as I get them back. cant wait, I havent raced all year, the way it looks I almost missed this year but I will get a few runs on it before winter, and mabey the street finals in bradenton in January. I have never gone this long without being ready since I started racing I cant wait.
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this is one pic from the maple grove pro race last year. If you go on and look at 2004 PRO event at the grove there are more pics. I will have some up soon of the new headers and other things I have changed
I am still running leaf springs, just cheap 2'' lowering springs, with a set of modified south side bars off a camaro. Nothing trick or expensive about that. at 3280lbs my best 60ft was a 1.281. Also the front is completely stock with comp 3 way adustable shocks, stock springs control arms, everything.
thanks for the compliment, I'm here pretty much all the time, like I said before feel free to just stop in, I always enjoy an excuse to stop work and talk about cars :lol:
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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