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Just a little FYI for ya!

That had nothing to do with a braking contest!!!

Thats Tim Watkins' Spiderman car at Christchurch several years ago. Go back and look at the video and you will see the chutes come off the car when he deployed them. His newest crewmember put the chutes on the body but failed to attach them to rear!!!!

So now you know that all things are not as they seem on the web!
That's funny as fuck!!!
You're telling me this professional operation let a newby attach and pack the chutes and then didn't check his work!!!!...

I wouldn't give a shit if he was driving the "wonder woman" car. The point is chutes get burnt off or don't deploy or whatever all the time and braking areas are not long enough. Period.

I've seen as many accidents past the finish line as before it....:-D
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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