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Al-Zarqawi No. 2 killed in Baghdad

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BAGHDAD, Iraq - The second-in-command of Al-Qaida in Iraq, Abu Azzam, was shot and killed by U.S.-led forces in Baghdad on Sunday, the U.S. military confirmed on Tuesday.
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Trust what Jimmy says.. He went there on vacation once and knows all.. :smt005
Yeah listen to Jimmy.. He watchs Fox news.. They never lie.. :smt005
Jimmy, here is what Howard Stern moto is..

The people who love listening to him only listen to 45 minutes a day..

The people who hate him listen to 2.5 hours a day..

Just cause it sells doesn't mean people agree with it..

Rupert recovered Fox news!! As crime went down 20% the coverage has gone up 600%.. Trash sells but it doesn't mean it news or the truth..
Look at this section!! Its a train wreak.. but people seem to enjoy it more than anything else.. :-D
I listen to Air America still.. Its boring as it pretty much tells a lot of facts.. I like listening to the Bush nut huggers.. Makes me feel smarter.. :smt005
Again false statement.. Oh yeah you listened to 3 minutes of the show and know all about it.. :smt005
Jimmy can you post these inside scoops.. :-D
Jimmy this war is supposed to be about terrorist.. Do you honestly believe it is? If it is why didn't we just drop a big bomb on them and end all terrorism?? Whatever happened to our friend Saddam anyway.. :smt005 Keep eating the bullshit with your blinders on.. To me Bin Laden is still running around doing interviews with reports and Saddam is living large.. You ask why the Iraqi's didn't kill Saddam.. Its cause they weren't able too.. Now I ask why the Bush gang hasn't killed him?? Care to answer?
Jimmy you really dont have a clue.. I will leave you with your way of thining as obviously you have inside scoops with people in the middle east in high places.. :roll:
1 - 9 of 25 Posts
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