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Liberty's Gears All Motor

Holbrook Racing Engines Tuning Challenge Winner - Kevin Patterson with a 8.62, 8.76, and a 8.89 for an average of 8.75. At the end of second round of qualifying, Patterson and Darren Mag were tied!

Southern Motors Outlaw 10.5

Napa Run What Ya Brung

Bright Powersports X-Treme Powersports Class

VP Racing Drag Radial
Winner - Dave Hinzman 7.66 at 157 MPH
Runner Up - Steve Turley **Broke**

Dave ran 7.38 at 196MPH in second round of qualifying. Unfortunatley we had to DQ the run because it was to fast for his chassis certification. The car was running fast all night. Dave had to lift, hit the brakes and deploy the chutes to not break the 7.50 barrier. Amazing!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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