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thats what nhra said when kenny split nitrous and blowers, our car owner is waiting to see if it goes, if it does we'll be ordering a chassis. pro-stock has been waiting for this a long time....

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if they run unlimited like that they will not have cars

Even if they do no engine or weight rules, I don't see it as a problem for the two races this year. One I can't imagine anyone is going to build a new engine for two races...

Budds Creek is Mountain Motor Country, so it will be a GREAT show, and we'll all show up to support Royce...

And Rockingham is Rockingham, it will be good to test there a few weeks before IHRA's finals. The guys who want to screw around with their weight will, but they'll hurt themselves for the races they're testing for.

See ya in Grand Bend this weekend.

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