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I have a mild 355 blower motor camshaft from Bullet , flat tappet solid.

I may be staying with my oem block due to a budget , and if so I do not want to throw anymore money into a camshaft upgrade until I have a decent block.

Until then I switched out my 4-71 blower that was old and had issues and will be swapping over to a vic manifold , e85 f1r blow through set up.

Question is would you degree the current cam differently than was on the cam card for the mild 4-71 set up to the now much larger f1r?

UltraDyne Racing camshaft specs
Grind Number CHS278/292-13UF
Part Number 301000 SN S57561

Duration @ .50 Intake 248 Exhaust 259
Lobe lift .3534 Int .3670 Exh
Seperation 113
Timing events .50 op 16 cl 52 Int 67.5op 11.5cl
Duration at .020 278 int 292 exh
Gross valve lift .530 int .551 exh
Valve lash Hot .016 int .022 exh
degree intake lobe to 108
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