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A Case excavator was loaded too high on a trailer and hit a RR bridge right in front of our shop today. Of course, I was on the shitter and didn't get to see it happen, but I sure as hell heard it. It sounded like a RR car fell off the bridge.
The bridge crosses the road on almost a 45 degree angle... so as soon as the boom hit the bridge, it flipped the machine and the trailer over... yanking it right off the back of the dump truck.
Accident was at exactly 8:05am this morning... and was finally cleaned up / traffic flowing again at noon.
They actually had a mechanic come out and get it running after capping-off the severed hydraulic lines. They drove it away and up on to the lowboy trailer like nothing happenned. What a rugged machine. Didn't even knock the friggin glass out of the cab.
1 - 5 of 33 Posts
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