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A "Little" Thanks!

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Just wanted to say "Thanks" to Gary Kramer for loaning me brand new Electrical stuff(Coil/Dig7) yesterday-just to try & find out what was wrong with my bucket! & to everyone else who offered a hand.
Also- thanks to everyone who tried to find that damn Auto-meter data-logger software-BIG Daddy / Team Corupt Etc.

After all that BS- we ended up finding that it sheared the keys off the balancer-which we never even thought of at the track:-damnit

Oh & thanks to Chris Crusse for letting me"steal" his BS3 box while he was'nt @ his pit-I'm glad he did'nt come back & want to make a test hit!!!!:-D
See you guys in August!
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Glad you found your problem Chris. That thing had a pretty bad miss on the line.
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