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So I will back story this a little bit. The time frame was my deployment for operation OIF in 2003. At the end of it our blow hard of a division officer was looking for some input for some year book or something to talk up the intel shop and what we had accomplished during the deployment/war.

My buddy's response to the e-mail for that input is just priceless!

I'll start with the request for info then paste the response.

Sent: Friday, May 02, 2003 12:39 PM

> Subject: Ship's history
> Ladies and Gentlemen,
> The entire ship must put something together over the next few weeks
> regarding the ship's history. We are supposed to look back over this
> deployment and identify significant things we did. This does not mean
> produced 10 snoopy teams and such. For the photomates and example would
> be all of the VIP visits and PHOTOEXs that you took pictures of . For the
> ISs this would mean as an example produce ten imagery products supporting
> the COnstellation.
> The two above are just examples of a variety of things. As best as
> you can I need all of you to think back and identify specific events of
> significance. I need a sentence or two on each event and I need a date
> that it happened or your best guess of when the event happened.
> I am sure that all of you can think of at least one thing, so I
> expect a response from all of you. The more you think of the better.
> This is very important to the ship and important to big Navy that wants to
> capture the best picture possible of everything that has happened during
> the course of the war. Please e-mail me and CC ISC on your responses by 08
> May.
> Thanks for your help with this.
> R/ JG H

My buddy's response

Subject: RE: Ship's history
> Ladies and Gentlemen,
> I looked back over this deployment and identified all the significant
> things I (and we) did over this deployment. I found all of these things
> significant because they were all done consistently on a regular basis.
> We were always told that it was so important to be done, because you never
> know when the MCPON or any Admiral is going to go looking for dirt or
> ghost turds. And we all know that we could not have fought a war with a
> spot on the bulkhead or some dust on the floor. I'll do my best to put a
> date and describing sentence with each input.
> 135,924 square feet of floor swept- I apologize in advance but this only
> accounts for the p-ways outside the jic. I calculated this by finding the
> total square footage and then multiplying it by at least 2, because it
> gets swept, at a minimum, 2 times daily, and then by the total days of
> WESTPAC. I have no specific dates for this, so just pick a day, whichever
> makes you happy because it happens everyday.
> 19,418 square feet of decks swabbed- I apologize again because this also
> only accounts for the p-ways outside the jic. I calculated this by
> finding the total square footage and then multiplying it by 2, because it
> gets swabbed about twice a week, multiplying that by 188 (the total days
> of WESTPAC), and then dividing it by 7, because it gets done twice a week.
> I have no specific dates for this one either.
> 1,448 square feet of bulkheads painted- I apologize once again because I
> don't know a total number of gallons of paint used. And this is a very
> rough "guesstimate." This covers one painting of the bulkheads, not
> including the ceiling. I got this number by finding the square footage of
> the bulkheads. Once again, I have no specific dates.
> 1,128 shitters scrubbed- Let me apologize one more time because this
> number only reflects the male berthing shitters. I got this number by
> adding up the total number of shitters in berthing, and multiplying it by
> 188, the total number of days of WESTPAC. This also happened everyday so
> pick which ever day suits your fancy.
> 1,316 sinks cleaned- Okay, I apologize for the last time. This also only
> reflects the male berthing and does not include the deep sink. I arrived
> at this number by adding all the sinks in berthing and the multiplying it
> by 188, the total number of days of WESTPAC. And believe it or not, this
> happened everyday also, so pick a day.
> So let it be known that the spaces that belong to the jic were the
> cleanest ones that ever roamed the ocean. And never has a ship at war
> been cleaner. Now the majority of the people that receive this cannot
> take credit for these accomplishments, and that is for reasons I cannot
> elaborate upon here. And with this, I am informing you all of my (and
> your) efforts to this deployment, and war.
> Hopefully this helps with something,
> R/ IS3 D

Nothing like a happy sailor spreading a little joy!!! lol

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Not really, but.......
Still funny.

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Conversation go something like that?
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