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Gary Kubisch said:
I would say the Chevelle is a result of excellent traction and the absolute perfect converter for his combo......
and you would be wrong! :p

The car hooks/launches like that EVERY pass!

The starting line on that day was typical of a test/tune day NOT "race day" prep.

Last day of the season, no less than 6 lanes of street cars and only 16 cars including mine, in competition/running an eliminator!

Most of my competitors were turning the tire at some point if not EVERY pass that day EXCEPT yours truely who dead hooked EVERY pass and went on to win!!! :-D

No doubt the converter is good, it's an ATI, :wink: but "perfect" NO!

Chris Uratchko said:
That there is the result of a good drivetrain combination.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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