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I'm always in Ken's good graces....he just doesn't like anyone to know it.:p

Super Chevy was great!!! What an experience!!:cool: I think I did okay- I was third in my 13.0 index for the True Street Challenge and I went two rounds in the DOT Street Fight class. I was SO nervous at first, but it was a "good nervous".

Their True Street Challenge was a killer- it certainly put the cars through their paces. Right in the heat of the day, we did a 20 mile cruise, a leg on the 250 Interstate and then straight to the lanes, not much cool down- no lifting hoods at all, then three round-robin dropped out like flies. But it was fun!! All three of our cars made it through the whole class!!:cool::cool::smt023

ive yet too see any of these cars at the auditon. lol
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